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  • It is a tourist activity which is open to everyone. No particular skills or physical conditions are required but remember that the kayak rules you so listen to our guides/instructors before you head out and you will have all the simple tips that you need.

  • Of course you get wet! (like most seaside activities) 

  • Remember that in a canoe/kayak you will get wet, so we advise you to always bring a spare dry change of clothes with you (for after).

    In the summer months: costume/swimsuit, t-shirt, beach shoes and sunscreen.

    In the winter months: warm waterproof clothing.

  • All items that you do not take with you on the Kayak will be guarded  by Kayak Napoli staff.

  • There is a dressing room

  • Children are welcome from 4 years and older, they must know how to swim and must be accompanied by an adult.

  • On our tours we use sit-on-top sea kayaks (open). They are unsinkable, stable and easy to manoeuvre. We have both single and double seated and for the more experienced we also have sit-in models.

  • Yes, it is possibile. You can cancel a tour reservation (not a rental) by sending an email request to booking@kayaknapoli.com not before 5 days from the tour.

  • Yes, our tours start and finish at the same point. Please note that we do have two different starting points (depending on the tour that you want to do).



Getting there first allows to you better organise your kayak ride, test a kayak/canoe or take a swim and enjoy some sunshine before you go.


Remember that we have two different starting points from where the different tours will start. In both cases, access to the beach is via the marked gates  on the road side which is OPPOSITE the sea.



To get the best value from your tour it is good to follow the advice of your guide/instructor.