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Rent a Kayak/SUP

KayakNapoli offers a rental service for kayaks, canoes and stand up puddle (SUP), every day, weather permitting, from 09:00 to 19:00, from our 2 starting points, Baia delle Rocce Verdi and Bagno Sirena.

Rental Prices are:

  • 10€ for 3h
  • 15€ for 6h
  • 20€ all day

It is possibile to rent online only for the full day or half day slots (9-14 or 14-19)

Baia delle Rocce Verdi via Posillipo 68 - Napoli

Daily Rental 09:00/19:00


Morning Rental (ore 9/14)

Afternoon Rental (ore 14/19)

Bagno Sirena via Posillipo 357 - Napoli

Rental Time: 09:00/17:00